I am the author of this site and there are several important things you should know. As a parent on the receiving end of news about every alleged autism "cure" over the last 13 years, I know how frustrating this can become. I certainly do not want to add to the high level of hype already out there. So please make special note of the following:

I am not a doctor, medical professional or scientist. I have an undergraduate degree in Math and a few graduate finance courses. All of my research was the result of my own studies, attending conferences, and speaking to doctors, researchers, and other parents. All my actions were driven solely by a desire to help my son.

There have been no controlled studies of TSO use in autism. Until there are, you should consider my story nothing more than anecdotal evidence.

Although there have been three studies done on TSO use in Crohn's Disease, including an initial safety study, the total number of people that have taken TSO over a long period is still relatively small. You must make your own assessment of the safety and risks of TSO versus any potential benefits.

Nothing in this site should be viewed as a recommendation to pursue TSO as a treatment. Treatment decisions should be made in collaboration with your doctor.

I receive no compensation from anyone in regards to this website or TSO. I have no affiliation with Ovamed, Biomonde or any other manufacturer of TSO. All costs associated with the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of this site are paid out of my own pocket.

- Stewart Johnson