Although purely speculative, there is food for thought in the following:

The authors of the Crohn’s studies may have indeed found the cause of autoimmune disorders and allergies; namely the elimination of helminths from the human gut as a result of increased hygiene, perhaps coupled with a genetic predisposition. Taking that a step further:

It is possible that elimination of helminths from the human gut is one of the causes of autism. Perhaps the genetics of autism is really just the genetics of the immune system. Perhaps some people inherit a very active immune system; autoimmune response is activated in this subgroup when combined with the environmental insult of the removal of helminths from the gut. These individuals have immune systems that need something to do, and without the natural interaction between the immune system and helminths, the immune system interacts with whatever is available; i.e. an autoimmune response. Mothers that fall into this group may have their hyperactive immune response directed at the developing fetus. Increased levels of proinflammatory cytokines can affect the developing fetal brain. Would restoring helminths and creating normal immune function at the start of pregnancy eliminate autism?

Some of the symptoms that are apparently eliminated by TSO are symptoms that share many features with other disorders; specifically schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, etc. A recent study found genes linked to schizophrenia that appear on the chromosome next to two genes known to control cytokine production and immune response. There is also a poorly understood link between immune function and OCD. Could both of these disorders be caused by an aberrant immune response due to elimination of helminths in genetically predisposed individuals? Could restoring normal immune function via TSO help in these disorders as well?

It is known that farming communities have very a very low incidence of allergies and autoimmune disorders. It is also known that individuals working or living on farms have helminths from contact with the soil. Could the low incidence be attributable to the presence of helminths and normal immune function in these populations?

The Amish have an extremely low incidence of Autism. Could this be because the Amish are a 100% farming community and as a result are populated with helminths from contact with the soil?