For all you want to know about TSO, go to Note that this is dot org, not dot com. This site has information on the hygiene hypothesis, the theory and mechanism of action of TSO and the published studies on the use of TSO in the treament of Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. You can also order TSO online.

For an excellent overview of the hygiene hypothesis and helminths, take a look at this Wikipedia entry or this article by Doctors Weinstock and Summers

This article about Dr. Weinstock gives a brief outline of helminth therapy

This is the abstract of the published article by Summers et al on the randomized controlled trial of TSO to treat ulcerative colitis

For a very good overview of the science behind helminthic therapy, see

Another excellent, non-technical explanation of helminths and the hygiene hypothesis by Dr. Joel Weinstock