FDA Approves IND Application

Yesterday the IND (Investigational New Drug) application for the Multiple Sclerosis study with TSO at the University of Wisconsin was approved by the US FDA. “Helminth-induced immunomodulation therapy (HINT) in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS)”, sponsored by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is now actively in preparation. 


Excellent news.  Does this mean that the ban on importation is automatically lifted?  Do we still need to contact the local port authorities?

You should be able to order it now from  We got a new set of doses on Tuesday.


I have just ordered our first batch of TSO ova from Ovamed. Is it usually a problem getting it in passed Customs?

Does anyone have any reports of how well or not that it has worked for their loved ones?

I ordered a two weeks ago.  Although I received no confirmation, the TSO arrived within a few days.  No trouble with port officials and no calls from government.  Now to pay the bill.

Could somebody please tell me what the prices are in United States dollars? Also how many doses would one have to take for these little friends to take hold in one’s gut? I am autistic. I love my quirky brain but my gut is on fire! :( This idea just FEELS right. I think Autists were meant to be, but we weren’t meant to be sick. Modern society with its toxins and its extreme amounts of gluten in our bread and all the shots and its over hygiene is hard on us. I love the Neanderthal theory.  They, like us were big brained, not social, loved meat and didn’t eat much grain. They didn’t sweat as much so eliminating heavy metals is not something they would have done as easily. They invented most of ancient man’s technology, cave painting, burying their dead with flowers, the control of fire, the flute, the ocarina and the domestication of goats, horses and dogs.  The more socially skilled Cro Mags “borrowed” all that from them just as Neurotypicals “borrow” Aspergian’s inventions. We are inventing the future and taking us to the stars.

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