Collecting Data on People’s Results with TSO

Since my presentation on my experience with TSO and my son last October at Mount Sinai, a number of people have connected with doctors and tried TSO for the treatment of certain symptoms of autism. Many of these people (but not all) have registered with this site and have informally shared their experience and results to date, either via Blog posts or by e-mailing me directly. The results range from very significant positive results to no changes. Some people report that it took significantly longer to see results than the 8-10 weeks I reported, some people saw changes very quickly. Some report no change after several months. I think it would be very helpful to collect this data so that we can learn from it; perhaps we may be able to include it as some type of pilot data in our application for funding clinical trials. To this end, everyone that has registered at this site will be receiving an e-mail from me with a link to a survey site, where you can provide information about the individual taking TSO, the dose and timing of TSO use, changes seen, etc. Anyone that would rather use e-mail to communicate will be able to get a copy of the survey form and just e-mail it back. No personal information will be shared with anyone, and any information submitted as part of a funding application will be aggregated or will have any specific personal information deleted prior to submission. Also, if anyone knows someone that is using TSO for autism that is not registered on this site, feel free to forward my e-mail to them.

Stewart Johnson



Based on your communications with parents, approximately what percentage of ASD patients who received at least 10 weeks of TSO therapy at full therapeutic dosage responded to treatment.  I realize your answer will be a “guesstimate.”


How is your son now?  When you say his symptoms of autism went away, what were you left with?  A typical child?  My daughter is my concern.  She has many of the symptoms and behaviors you describe.  I don’t think I have recognized any particular improvement of symptoms when sick other than she slept more and that was a break in and of itself.  She has demonstrated increasing allergies with time (over the last 6 years) and has chronic stomach pain recently diagnosed as “apthous ulcers” of the small intestine.  DAN doctor is aware of TSO and we may try it after some other trials with supplements.  Just curious how things were going for your son.  Thanks for sharing your hard researched information and starting this site.

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