Mount Sinai Conference Video

Here is video of my presentation at The Mount Sinai / Seaver Center Autism Research Conference on October 28, 2007:



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Kennedy Kreiger Study confirms Fever Effect

A study by the Kennedy Kreiger Institute at Johns Hopkins confirms the existence of the widely reported “fever effect”, where autism symptoms improve when a child has a fever. My son’s fever effect was pronounced and was only matched when he was bitten by chiggers (see “Clues” section of

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IND Application filed with FDA

An Investigational New Drug (IND) application has been filed with the FDA for TSO in connection with an upcoming Multiple Sclerosis study. The FDA should complete their review by the end of December. If the application is accepted, the Import Alert should be lifted. 

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FDA stopping shipments of TSO

The FDA has issued an Import Alert (IA 57-21) for TSO, effectively stopping its importation into the U.S until an IND (Investigational New Drug) application is filed. The import alert is based on one article and a follow-up article that cite concerns about TSO, but which ignore the safety

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Ordering, Dosage, etc

I’ve gotton a lot of questions about ordering, dosage, etc. I’ll try to answer them here, based on my own experience. TSO is made by Ovamed, GmbH in Germany and is approved by the Thai government for over the counter sale in Thailand. It can be ordered online from the distributor in

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