the treatment

The first trial was 1000 ova every three weeks for 26 weeks; during that time the only change observed was complete elimination of symptoms for a total of four non-contiguous days.

The second trial was 2500 ova bi-weekly. After 8 weeks on this higher dose we began to see huge improvements in behavior; by week 10 all symptoms had completely disappeared. The dosage has continued at this level for 15 months and there has been no recurrence of the symptoms during this period.

The change in my son has been beyond my wildest expectations. After being a virtual prisoner of his agitation and anxiety for most of his life, he is able to go out in the community every day without incident. Restaurants, theaters, concerts, all totally off limits to him previously, are routine events now. Previously unable to deviate from routine in the slightest, he is now able to act spontaneously and accept major unplanned changes in schedule without any problem.  Gone is the repeated face smashing and hand biting that caused me to have to physically restrain him many times a day.  Gone are the meaningless daily rituals (lining up the shampoo bottles, opening and closing drawers repeatedly, etc.). Rather than becoming frustrated and agitated over any “mistake”, no matter how small, he simply tries again until he gets it right, and willingly accepts correction and encouragement. Regardless of what caused it, the result has been nothing short of a miracle for my son and my family.

Like many autistic kids that enter adolescence, my son has started having partial seizures (no loss of consciousness) lasting 20 seconds or so, that he is now being successfully treated for. He had some EEG abnormalities as a child and a history of tic and seizure-like symptoms, although never formally diagnosed with seizure disorder. The current seizure symptoms began after he had taken TSO at some level for a total of 21 months (including the intial lower dose trial). There has never been any association between TSO and seizures reported, and no one, including the professionals treating my son, believe the seizures have anything to do with TSO. I mention it only for the sake of full disclosure.