the punchline

After 14 years of observing my autistic son and researching the topic, I formed the hypothesis that the most difficult symptoms of autism (including self abusive behavior, compulsivity, anxiety, behavioral inflexibility, etc.) are the result of an aberrant immune response. I researched ways to down-regulate the immune system and came to TSO, a living organism being used successfully to treat other autoimmune disorders. After preparing a research paper showing this hypothesis was supported by the medical literature, I presented it to my son’s doctor and we began treating my son with TSO. After 10 weeks he completely lost all symptoms of agitation, agression, self abusive behavior (including head smashing and hand biting), perseveration, behavioral inflexibility, compulsivity, impulsivity, repeated questioning, “stimming” and hypersensitivity to external stimuli. He continues to take TSO every two weeks and the symptoms have been gone now for 15 months.