Q: Are there side effects from this agent? Aren’t parasitic worms by definition bad for you?
A: So far there haven’t been any reported side effects. The human gut is already populated with enormous amounts of bacteria that on its own would be harmful but that we couldn’t live without; it facilitates the digestive process. Some helminths are bad and cause disease, some don’t. Humans are not the natural host of TSO so they live for a couple of weeks and then die; they cannot reproduce in the human body. Although they appear to be highly safe, the decision to try TSO should not be made without an analysis of the available safety data and a consultation with your doctor.

Q: How do I order TSO?
A: Go to www.biomonde.co.th

Q: How long does it take to work?
A: There is no way to tell if it will work at all, given that almost no one has taken this for autism except my son. In any case it took my son 8 weeks to see changes. By 10 weeks the improvement had fully kicked in. This is consistent with many of the Crohn’s and UC patients.

Q: How is TSO taken?
A: TSO is shipped in small vials which contain the microscopic eggs in a clear solution. It can be added to juice or gatorade. It has no taste or smell (at least to me).

Q: What about dosage?
A: Dosage recommendations are described at www.ovamed.org. My son takes one vial of 2500 ova every two weeks.

Q: When will controlled studies of this be done?
A: We have filed with the NIH for a grant to do a placebo controlled, double blind study of TSO use in autism.

Q: Who sponsors this website?
A: I do. All the costs associated with development and ongoing maintenance of this site are paid for directly by me. If you feel generous and want to help me continue to get the word out feel free to use the contribute button on the right side of every page. Your contribution is NOT tax deductible, as I am not a charitable organization, just the parent of an autistic child with a great story to tell.

Q: Are there any risks to TSO?
A: There are risks to anything. Perhaps someone could have an allergic reaction, or in some way not be able to tolerate this agent. Or perhaps there is some other downside to this agent that hasn’t materialized yet. TSO should be pursued only in conjunction with your doctor, and only after a complete examination of the safety and the risks.