Many people taking TSO for Crohn’s Disease reported losing all their allergies while taking the medication. My son has had seasonal allergies and a life-threatening tree nut allergy his entire life. He has carried an Epi-pen since he was 4 years old and we found out (the hard way) that he had nut allergies. We had him tested and his scores for tree nuts on the blood tests for allergies were off the charts. The few times he has come into contact with nuts the reaction has been swift and severe. These would often be caused not by actually eating a nut, but simply by touching something that was at one time stored next to something with nuts. He once touched an m&m candy that had been in a bag with nuts, then touched his face; his face blew up like a balloon and he almost went into anaphylaxis.

Several months into the TSO therapy, my son, for the first time in his life, accidently ate a pecan cookie. Pecans are the nuts that he is most allergic to, both by blood test score and by our experience with him. He had absolutely no reaction of any kind. He has also had no seasonal allergies since he started TSO, something he was always plagued with in previous years. Evidently, the TSO therapy has eliminated my son’s allergies, consistent with the accounts of the Crohn’s patients.